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Greggs Vs Costa

greggs vs costa

 If you hadn't noticed Greggs have been trying to get in on the coffee revolution that took over the high street and by and large they did well. Take myself and friend after swimming we would visit each of the establishments.

Our local Costa was often not fast and we got a bit fed up so thought we would try Greggs. And you know what it took me a while longer than I want to admit that I noticed the small size of the standard coffee at Gregg. Compared with the normal size of Greggs as you see in the image you get through a Greggs coffee much much faster. 

Both coffee's taste good but Costa is better. So now we battle the queues at Costa despite some wins for greggs, Greggs also charge to sit down and the cost was really comparable between the two. Greggs have much more of a choice of foods but don't quite compete if you have a cake and sweet tooth IMO. I don't look to do that in a coffee shop however greggs soups are great. Also the Greggs app is pretty good and worth the download and acts as a loyalty scheme - costa do the same with the card, I don't own their app. 

greggs coffee
A festive twist

I am willing to bet that cup size might be very similar across franchises. So long as costa continue to be much better value for their coffee then we will brave the queues. I think Greggs have something a little wrong. Would value your thoughts.. To stay in and drink the price of the coffee - cappuccino in this case is around 2.70 for both. The large Costa size is huge! I don't go for that. I think Greggs have the chance to get some of the cost market but they need to lower the cost of sitting down and increase the cup size. I am less into the harder seats in both and I think both need to sort that ratio better..

I shall add to this post so subscribe if you want to keep updated. I would value your opinion on your coffee preferences.. 

‚ÄčIf you are a lover of latte then the costa mugs are a bit of a hassle, they are tall and top heavy. The cheese and mushroom toastie is excellent however.

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Yoga in March : George Campbell Swimming Pool


Where can I do YOGA

George Campbell Leisure Centre (AKA Freedom Leisure March (for outsiders...))

(add your place by contacting us here on the site)

I just got back from a really great session of Yoga at the George Campbell Swimming Pool in March Cambs. Plenty of space and a great teacher. If your in the Cambridgeshire area and need some relaxation then email Hayley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. she normally operates out of Wisbech i believe and may have classes all over !

Hope this link to the george campbell march timetable keeps working!

New link new website looks like Yoga is Wednesday in the day and Thursaday in the evening.

As I understand it Hayley is long since gone from the centre but does still do Yoga in some form in Wisbech area. The Pool in march and leisure centre still run Yoga classes.
If you are keen to experiment then here is a good article and some links to read about Yoga.

Yoga in March Timetable : Wednesday 13:30 then Thursday at 18:00.

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