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Anatomy of a Front End Media Consultant

I decided to write more in depth about my competencies in the wider field as it is rather a lot to cram into the header part of a cv. Yes I do have a cv alongside running my online businesses I can and do work as a freelancer.

Over 12 years or rather since 1998 after graduation from my BSc in industrial product design I have touched upon many different technologies concepts and ideas. The nature of many of the technologies means that as a  freelancer you need to adapt indeed any I.T. solution to a business problem needs to be adaptable to a changing climate.

The Differing Technologies (Areas) that I know inside out.

Flash : I have worked using flash and its compiled language action script for years and years. Both as2 and as3 and used the frameworks associated and written in its language like PureMVC and Robot Legs. I code using either flashdevelop the regular flash IDE or flashbuilder or eclipse and FDT.

Javascript : I have used javascript many years ago in its native format when the browsers really were very different - it was ugly and not at all fun, writing stuff . And more importantly it was often switched off ! Today Javascript is very different and is often assumed to be switched on, and it has become a major force in today's webdesign and front end with it driving what is termed as DHTML. For example AJAX a collection of technologies making a technique that powers google instant and suggestive search. Libraries today written using native javascript such as mootools or JQuery allow repetitive code to be minimised and for common tasks to be performed with a single call.

JQuery : My preffered javascript development library. 

JQTouch and JQuery.mobile : I have used these two extensions of JQuery to make mobile web apps.

CSS and HTML : It goes without saying but I wanted to mention that I consider the new css3 and html5 to be a big revolutionary step canvas video....

Platforms: It is important to understand the tiers of technologies today if you want to operate as a consultant. At a basic level servers provide the internet with a way to serve the different protocol requests (this is termed the backend) such as FTP HTTP HTTPS and browsers still form the backbone of software on devices able to display information (data) via html and handle events etc and this seems to be a growing trend. Even if a native iPhone application is running fast objectivec written applications it will probably still communicate with a server using backend technologies and serve its requests with XML. The important limitation with the iPhone app is it will only work on an iPhone not on an Android phone. An html5 css3 based application can store data on the device interact with servers and operate offline and look and function very much like a native iPhone app. The power of browser based solutions is that they can be ported across many more devices like set top boxes for TV's etc.

We still have the browser as a major tier and its multiple platform interfacing ability means that it is going to be around for a long time until some other idea and technology can replace it.

SEO and SMM : I have had the necessity of learning how Search Engines crawl websites and rank them. Sadly there is not a better metric (from a search engines perspective e.g. Google) to determine the quality of a site than inward pointing links and until that changes link trading will continue to mean those with deep pockets will be able to buy their way to the top to some degree. The nature of search however is changing. As people understand the online search experience, the search queries are changing too with fewer one word searches (I can’t remember the last time I ran a single word search !) and more long tail queries such as 'Vietnam Organised Travel' mean that if you have a niche you have a chance provided your site is SEO friendly. I am less interested in SMM as I currently feel that while it does boost traffic and is necessary the traffic coming from SMM has a low conversion rate. I liken this to turnover and egos. You are much more likely to convert a long tail search like 'book online cheapest family holiday in the Caribbean' rather than someone who visits your site through #caribbean

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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

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