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March and surrounding areas computer repair

I am looking to offer services alongside my webdesign and development and online marketing. I just get so much demand within my family and friends that I may make it a part of my core business.

To make you laptop or pc run faster I may be able to help you here - and am willing as this might generate traffic and interest. I am not about charging for 10 minutes of sharing my knowledge. Please comment or use the contact us form to get in touch with me or use twitter @cambsdigital

Here is a sample of what I can deal with : 

"Let me state some things that I think are facts:

Windows won't boot since it has an error since avg and wondows updates - avg seem to be getting blamed as their driver is the last show on boot but removing avg has then shown a different driver and it all points to a deep big issue.
In short I feel a reinstall is the best way forwards.

I have saved my sisters data so am happy to do a quick format and reinstall of windows 7 - have the serial number sticker, but no disks I don't think they shipped any.

I have not modified any partitions but using a disk utility in dos that I was able to access via the standard boot drive I may have set a different active partition...now to get back dos I had to create from USB a bootable tility that I did, This also allows me to inspect the drives through a GUI windows interface.

So I am here and able to do quite a lot in dos through my USB. I even saw and was able to run one recovery program that is on one of the partitions. But it told me that something was amis with the drives and I think it is due to my setting a different partition to be the active one.

What is the best next step...for me it feels overkill not to use the partition lenovo has given to reinstall windows from, hoping that I wouldn't need to go through and find/download all the drivers etc...and not to mention bios updates etc..

I can say that I have the following drives and access from dos and access through GUI.

When I say access through GUI I found that I was able to do this at the system revoery options screen when it says click to search for drivers an interface pops up where I can brows ALL partitions and USB - that was pretty cool. The button says 'Load Drivers' and from there I can select the partition and try and run the one touch recover.

When it first boots from the USB it looks like it defaults and selects a drive called Boot (X:) and the default folder is the Windows/System32 folder.

Here are the drives or partitions I can see and explore

Lenovo (C:) 27.5 GB Free of 28.9 GB contains just Application and drivers folders.

Local Disk (E:) This Looks like it has a Windows install on it as I can see my sistsers files in the my documents (I recovered these using do and XCOPY to get the full recursive directory be careful if you use just 'copy' as it will ignore folders and files inside !) For me this is the normal bootable drive and the one that is broken."


I solved the above by creating a bootable USB drive with some recovery options and in this case I was able to reinstall windows and save the files. This does loose applications that had been installed prior but usually this can be easy to reinstall them and you find the client didn't use most and doesn't want to add them again. I estimated the time taken to be around 4 hours to achieve this and this time will reduce the next time as I may be able to use the same USB again but that depends on the version of windows.

So if you have a computer problem in cambridgeshire then get in touch and I may be able to help.

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Friday, 04 December 2020

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