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Thoughts on my ideal role

I wanted to summarise what would be my ideal role and it got beyond a summary. Please make allowances for this being on the fly..


  1. There is a creative element to the role
  2. There is a need to be a great thinker and communicator both verbally and graphically (sketches and photoshop visio etc)
  3. I need to know technologies exist to provide current solutions e.g. what SaaS is and what that might be useful for and utilise the cloud PaaS to save time and money

B) There is a strategic nature to the role where there is a business problem that requires a technological solution the client may not yet know what they want until they see it (see also G for strategy)

C) A technological plan is drawn up to solve this alongside the marketing department (of the client) this would likely represent front end visuals. * 

D) I do a good amount of the programming however to do it all would not enable me to do a b and c so architecting the build is a key role.

E) Lay the foundations of infrastructure to enable the technologies required to work with people employees for example git version control and access to code bases

F) Manage the project timeline alongside the Pms

G) making the company money is an area that is often key and it should be a part of my role to foster sales where the client has a need. ** 

*ex1 html5 has allowed us to create a front end very fast that can quickly plug into API’s this represents a different approach to say a microsite that needs to run its own database. Often a brand requires a campaign or drive that can generate brand awareness and leads to conversions, with a simple firebase or similar data store and a front end that runs on anything costs are reduced to what is actually used and consumed. If we think about competitions a brand might run then running a video via youtube in app collecting data in firebase

**ex2 For example a well known company  spent a lot of money getting video to the employees internally, there was a solution but it was a 3rd party one. In my mind they had the onboard expertise and resources to deliver the video themselves with purchase of their own cloud based PaaS video delivery. In effect the 3rd party company merely were charging a high margin to encode the video beyond what was needed and serve it via their players depending on the browser. I can quickly encode 3 kinds of video which covers most all front end platforms and depending on the load this would be handled by delivery from a dedicated cdn 

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