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You're a small business in London and you need to rank for free in Google! Why not take advantage of the search engine giant- you really should.

WE GET IT! You have and are still investing heavily and you have a budget right. But you do realise still that you need to rank quickly and you are afriad to get taken on an expensive ride for SEO services London. I can help you from 50 pounds a month. I really can, how? Because I know that some small editing and technical work can get you ranking and then a certain amount of SEO TRICKS which I don't divulge you will be ranking for some keywords that will bring you revenue. It's important to understand the difference. Give me 10 minutes on the phone or fill out the form below.

As a professional web designer of 17 years I have been unknowingly ranking websites before SEO was a thing. I picked up a good intuitive feel for why your website isn’t ranking but it will need further analysis.

"there is no comeback with fiverr and you really will get all the care and attention to your baby that $5 can buy!"

London Digital Marketing and SEO

I can't promise to meet you on a budget plan but I have clients in London and help them achieve ranking in competitive markets. I also have clients that are now sitting pretty and they no longer pay me until they drop down the ranks. My methods last and you need not keep paying.

Get the care and attention on your website that I give to all my clients. People actually value my outside opinion of their business and how their website can work better. SEO is just a part of it. Calling me and getting my advice costs nothing.
CALL ME NOW -> 07913329155.

Why Isn’t Your Website Ranking?

You went to the effort of building your own wordpress or even wix website. Or you paid a professional but they have been unable to rank your site.

Here are the most probable causes..

You went to fiver and hired a guy…there is no comeback with fiverr and you really will get all the care and attention to your website that $5 can buy! I actually employ and test what these TOP SEO guys are doing for you and let me tell you it is a waste of time and well kebab money!

You got links from another source that came to you in the space of a month. Natural links come over time, earn them then you will be sure they are coming at the right speed and they will be more importantly of the right quality. I put in place a plan for future acquisition of links.

Your website reads well from a human perspective but it lacks the structure that a robot can understand. Google is far from perfect even today.
Your website is too heavy and/or broken in some other way.

Of course I don’t just do London SEO. I work globally London is a growing city and your business should be experiencing growth. If not then I can help you analyse why from a digital marketing perspective at least. Are your competitors beating you to your customers?

What I will do for you..

I will fix up your site so that it works for both your audience and also google bing etc..
I will put in place a plan that allows your website to grow in terms of links that are naturally occurring and just. There are no such things as natural links as it always takes a human to create them, but the kind of website that links to you is important and it takes years of knowing the best ones and having already built relationships in place. 

We are a small but effective team living in rural Cambridgeshire on the fringes of the city of Cambridge. We have a marketing and business focus to serve SME's and SMB's and even self employed people. We reverse engineer what you need and provide services that help you generate more business and sales and ultimately grow and/or survive.


Calvin started as a platform before social media came about as he was interested in the region from a business and personal perspective being from the area (apples Newton and trees). There have been some branding issues to contend with as Cambs Digital was also coined to serve as a twitter account for locally based tweets etc. The eu in our TLD (internet address) was because we feel and actually are inside the eu despite politics and modern confusions. The name is short and immediately understood 'cambs' one of the keys to having a regional website.

The platform idea is still of interest and this is a growing part of this website. A big part of SEO and web marketing is understanding the wider web and how it works. This very site has experimental pages and concepts that do not interfear with the message and the services we provide.


iCambridgeshire Business Directory

Video Editing Services

Briefing out what you need quickly will help us determine the level of support you will need for example perhaps you already have some professional footage or an existing video and need editorial changes. You can do a lot with a finished piece and don't always need the source files to re-create a finalised piece of work.

A natural progression was mixing two of my interests videography and aerial systems. So now I have a good experience of getting good aerial footage for your project using 4k capable high end video cameras.

Advertising Creation- In the event you are new you may need to spend some money advertising online. 

Brand Awareness- Always do this.

Corporate Design- Your business cards leaflets and traditional marketing tools are as relevant as ever.

virtual assistant

Professional management of all your business needs, remotely.

Daily support?

One-off project?

Event management?

Your time is priceless, but you can budget for mine. Let me take care of business, while you take care of the rest.

The term ‘Telemarketing’ makes most people think of cold calling and whilst cold calling does indeed fall under the remit of telemarketing, it is not the only component.