Bodbud Luxury Fitness Brand
Bodbud Luxury Fitness Brand

I have used a few different running belts and still do today even though my knees force me into the gym more than out on the tarmac!

The case for running belts

Running shorts don't have pockets because they don't work. It's uncomfortable to have for example keys in the pocket though they can help with people hearing you coming from behind. Most runners quickly adopted the use of running belts. They do come in a variety of styles and I have tested good bad and own ugly. The worst was when the elasticated band was too weak and my effects took on a bouncing motion that was moving the belt and feeling weird. At other times the belt size was wrong as there was no adjustability. These two issues were removed in the design of the bodbud. An adjustable clip was introduced allowing everyone to wear the standard-sized design. Also, there was an elasticated band but it was of substantial design there is ZERO bounce.

The new brand bodbud™ short for 'body buddy' is a geometrically pleasing crafted design. Just like the athletes who don the gear symmetry matters. When the going gets tough you need your buddy helping you out! But you also need it to work well.

If that is a high-waisted pair of yoga pants or a running belt bodbud™ shows you mean business and that you really care the extra bit.