Errors and Omissions Excepted.

These are our standard operating terms and conditions and help to outline our comitment to quality and clarity. They are not fully encompassing as nothing could cover all potential eventualities. With the quality service Cambs Digital sets itself it will be rare for any issue to materialise and then also one which is not resolvable.


We will often use emails as contractual legal documents or a contract in another form such as a word doc. If the value of a contract is a significant sum then we will require a signed legal contract between us.


We will normally request a downpayment or deposit that is non refundable* before starting work. The amount will differ depending on the type of job undertaken. For example on our starter web design package we will ask for all the money up front. For more complex web development projects we will stage payments to reflect milestones for the securty and peace of mind for both parties. On SEO and marketing packages we will request a month in advance.


Refunds will not often come around as we don't take depositis early and hence why there is no need for them to be requested. We will not offer refunds where we have started work and through no fault of our own you decide to not want the work.If both parties mutually agreed that it was in the best interest then we might offer a refund but we reserve the right to compensate our losses with a partial refund.

Live Date

When we build a website we operate on a going live date. This is a date in which we are able to clearly run maintenance and hosting renewals from. This is a date that both parties will agree on.