Contractor Portfolio

In this category I will show some of the highlighted websites that I have produced.

Logo Design Cambridge

There are few things I loe more than learning about peoples businesses. This one was a startup and so got me exra thrilled to work on their website and I got to do the logo too!

Wordpress Theme Development and Design

Joomla Theme Development and Design

I am mostly employed in front end developer roles such as ipad builds using Angular or Web Apps like this car rental app that is very simple but very effective.

UX Design

UX design and wireframing to prototype interaction and colour rapidly.

I have contracted out my services as a web producer not least for Tag Worldwide and their end client H&M the fashion retailer. Responsible for delivery and production of their advertising banner campaign alongside project managers and a peer.
Building a custom H&M video player control bar or coming up with animation and ideas to showcase their clothing campaigns. I also introduced gulp build scripts to speed prodcution and developed animation banners. 

Editorial and content deserves a mention because without knowingly I stumbled upon a thing. Content marketing became big cerca 2010. It is evolving as the way we share and find content has changed. But one consistency remains- readable interesting or engaging content wins. Often not a single line is written and the content is just video. So content and editoral is something that we are very interetsed in as a company and something that I have grown with.

This is web design work and examples of layout and general online design that I have done in the past.