There are few things I loe more than learning about peoples businesses. This one was a startup and so got me exra thrilled to work on their website and I got to do the logo too!


Nikki the founder of the creche is dynamic and driven and simpy adores dogs. It was a pleasure working out what parts of possible website would work best for her business. To work alongside her facebook page the site would also feature news and blogs. The mainstay of her web presence is however a simple way to get people to fill out the application form. It's not as simple as just turning up wth your dog. Nikki is very protective of the regulars and temperament tests and such as a prerequisite.

Of course there is a simple way to find and contact the creche via the website and I am proud to say for many keywords the creche is top of the organic search tree, enabling her to invest in the business in other ways since custmers can find her cheaply and easily.

Take a look at the website for Cambridgeshire Canine Creche.