We are a small but effective team living in rural Cambridgeshire on the fringes of the city of Cambridge. We have a marketing and business focus to serve SME's and SMB's and even self employed people. We reverse engineer what you need and provide services that help you generate more business and sales and ultimately prosper.

Why cambs.eu?

Calvin the founder started cambs.eu as a platform before social media came about as he was interested in the region from a business and personal perspective being from the area. There have been some branding issues to contend with as Cambs Digital was also coined to serve as a twitter account for locally based tweets etc. The eu in our TLD (internet address) was because we feel and actually are inside the eu despite politics and modern confusions. The name is short and immediately understood 'cambs' one of the keys to having a regional website.

The platform idea is still of interest and this is a growing part of this website. A big part of SEO and web marketing is understanding the wider web and how it works. This very site has experimental pages and concepts (roots) that do not interfear with the message and the services we provide.