We are a small but effective freelance team team living in rural Cambridgeshire on the fringes of Lincolnshire. Cambs Digital has a marketing and business focus to serve SMEs SMBs and self-employed people. We reverse engineer what your marketing needs and provide services that help you generate more business and sales and ultimately prosper.

Calvin the founder started Cambs Digital as a platform to offer freelance services (before social media came about). He was interested in the region from a business and personal perspective being from the area.

Why Cambs Digital?

It is difficult to find the quality freelancer these days as one is bombarded by ads online. With a lack of control, anyone is a self-appointed expert. 

The advantages of hiring a freelancer rather than in-house SEO are explained here.

Calvin has 20 years of experience working with full-stack technologies end to end from the server to the front end of the website and then the virtual marketing layer. Getting to the heart of your issues will not be quicker or more cost-effective elsewhere.

Key services offered

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The Author Calvin Crane SEO Consultant

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Cambs Digital- helping you achieve through the beauty of the web.

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"Hi My name is Calvin and I have been building websites since 1998. Things have changed a lot over the years but the need for a business to have a good website is as strong as ever. Credibility is vital, the first impression a potential customer gets is often your website. For now I simply want to tell you that you have an excellent developer/designer in myself at your disposal for creating the ideal website. 

Your project will not be too big or small, I have worked for many years in London on big brands and I have been pivotal in building websites such as thomascook.de. The largest site I currently maintain and manage is in excess of 25k pages. This takes an extra level of planning especially with the URL's and SEO concerns.

You may not be aware of what is possible within a modest budget so the following is a sample of the different kinds of website I have built and can build for you."