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Is SEO a full time Role? NO! Why are people hiring SEO's

recruit-seo Why hire an SEO?

I love sinusoidal motion. When I first learnt about it in science at school it made perfect sense to me about how things eb and flow. The peaks of a sine wave represent success and something positive but as we know nothing rests and then it dips down and reaches neutral.  If you have not reacted yet to the wave coming down it shall continue and then you panic. You reinvest and say you got it wrong...so things start to improve and you bottom out and return to more profitable ways. The curve heads back up. It's not always a lack of good business acumen of course it often is more to do with capacity and scale and this is a rough representation. I see the fact that some companies are hiring full time SEO's as a big mistake. It makes no sense. I fear those are bottoming out and are reacting to some perceived need. Yes sales could be down due to a fall in your website position in google search and I agree with the need for SEO. I am disagreeing that it is a full time position.

So the only people who should be hiring in SEO are SEO agencies. And themselves they better diversify because the news is in that SEO is not the win win it used to be. It's not bad it's just not everything. It like Social Media is a channel and you need to respect it along those lines. Oh what you say you also hired a Social Media manager..and they got deranged trying for 8 hours a day to come up with a new way to talk about the only products you sell and twitter on.

So the answer is still to hire a professional agency like Cambs Digital to do your SEO for you.

An Alternative to SEO Agencies

In fact they nearly got it right in wanting to bring the skills in house. The reasons why you might like to bring SEO in house are mostly that of trust and evolution. Get your SEO fixed by an agency and then watch it drop? Well when I do my SEO on my client sites take a long time to drop out because of my methods but many companies will prop you up temporarily with links that not the right kind and do no technical SEO you will drop pretty rapidly after paying someone to do this effort to need them again shortly after. So that is why many want to hire an in house SEO. If you have a very big store it's not so crazy to get in house but for most SMB I am going to tell you the best alternative. Train your current marketing team to do SEO. Book my course and get on the right track. On site training in SEO will give your staff the skills and techniques I use. I have some killer techniques myself but honestly most things are findable online. It will just take you too long to find what is right and wrong, let me debunk the myths and set you straight. After the course you will know how to put a plan in motion to technically improve your website and build the campaign that will generate interest and backlinks from the right sources. You will also learn how to do PPC advertising with google, the two are very closely aligned. Contact us today to get details on our SEO course.

Targeting an Audience on Linkedin
Is SEO worth it?

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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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