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Is SEO worth it?

is SEO worth it

I am often surprised that people think they should be able to get SEO on the cheap. Fiverr for example and their supplier promises to rank your website for $5 if you think that works, or are swayed by their reviews then let me tell you about my own experiments below. 

No your website is that expensive machine that makes you money. It really is! so start thinking correctly.

by me

I took the most popular provider and took their basic $5 package. What they created for me were 20 links. They sold me 10 for $5. In fact they OVER DELIVERED. Ask why? It is because immediately after delivery they are interested in one thing your stellar 5-star review. Also if you have used Fiverr and had a bad experience you find it is SO HARD to leave a negative or even middle-of-the-road review. You will be asked to NOT review or be offered a refund instead. Obviously, for the people who don't know how SEO works, you are simply going to think wow you over-delivered and things look great! So that's what happens. By the way, the links were not useful, many were nofollow and others were on non-indexed pages- useless. You might find that your rankings improve over time by your own efforts and think these links were helping. Actually, at these low numbers, you are not going to trip any Google penalty unless you already have a lot of low-quality links.

So this is why there are actually legit professionals spending time on your website, Time is money and they ought to be remunerated well because in case you didn't know your website is VITAL.

Football SEO

I love football metaphors in this case it would be like you having an expensive manager, backroom staff brilliant stadium and then not investing in the best striker. There is a reason strikers are paid more than goalkeepers. In fact, you should be apportioning a front-heavy budget on your website. A chunk on SEO but that is not the end of it. No your website is that expensive machine that makes you money. It really is! so start thinking correctly!  

I promised you something at the very top of the page- is SEO worth it?

It depends. 

 It depends on the type of business you have. If you have a healthy cash balance then absolutely yes, get your site technically perfectly performant. Don't buy links, earn them or employ an SEO agency like Cambs Digital to foster relationships and drive awareness so you earn them. If you have to be more careful then you need to work out where to put your money.

You need to do some crude maths to work out if organic ranks vs. PPC is right for you. A click costs you money and you can surmise that if you rank at the top position organically you might get 60% of the monthly volume clicking. If the monthly volume is 100 then you get 60 visitors, of those 60 visitors 10% buy your product. The average sale is £20 so 6 x 20 pounds every month = 120 pounds per month.  The value of a visitor is the probability they buy .1 (10%) x the average sale.

In this video Joel explains the value of a visitor. 

I'm now trying to think of the football analogy and say that SEO is one kind of striker and PPC or Social Media Marketing are another. If you sell something that people are not searching for then PPC and SEO are less important to you. In this case, you need to profile and target your intended market you need to advertise and work on social media networks where people are hanging out. We don't of course ignore traditional marketing. If you are a local landscape gardener then dropping leaflets where you do jobs is a decent easy cheap strategy that works. 

SEO the way we do it is a front-heavy investment and then constant lower-cost gardening. We will take a vested interest in your website like it was our own. We look at your products and services, not like most who ask YOU for keywords! You will get high-end consultancy advice and get on the right track for turning your website into a money tree for your business. Websites have become complex machines these days and what might look good on the surface can hide some horror stories on the inside- Google knows!

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