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We come up with designs and copy that will work for your business. We execute the campaign and consistently feedback tweak and manage to perfection.

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How does Facebook advertising work?

Facebook advertising at it's simplest form allows social media posts to be boosted to gain followers. Moving through that simplistic model you can elect to route traffic via your website or facebook brand page. It really is a different option to Google Advertising and the conversion stats look good. One attractive thing going for facebook is the way in which they have mined data on us for years from musical tastes to behavioural aspects and if you are generating leads you might be able to directly gain the information you would otherwise have to get from the clicked target page. This is powerful and with small carousel templates and full page takeovers it is certainly exciting. Pick from 6 kinds of advert, your product never looked so good and reached the person most likely to buy.

You will most likely need some product imagery developing and perhaps content creation creating, especially if you want your Ad to resonate. Facebook Ads rely on imagery heavily and indeed discourage too much text. So attention to the Ad copy also is vital. Here is where Cambs Digital comes in. Developing the idea and assets for your baby.

Facebook Ad formats to choose from

You will probably as a smaller business got to this point if you considered advertising yourself which is likely as facebook provides many areas to get you to try and advertise and a few clicks in to that you get here. Now is when you need good assets albeit images or video or a combination like in the Carousel. It can be a sticking point- so call us to help you produce excellent visuals to engage and drive the conversion or traffic you are looking for.

Give Us..

Your Business Plan

We need to understand if you need organic traffic or paid advertising or social media advertising. You might be better using Google Search or Content advertising. We need to look at the profiling for your customer the most for fb advertising.

Your Objectives

We need to get under the skin of the business objectives to be able to create the content for your Ads.

Your Budget

This might not be needed in full. We will of course give you expected traffic volumes per month. You may be a smaller company and not require too much work. This is an important part of our service. We tailor the traffic to what you need. For example we can halve the cost per click and keep the volume and intent! Thats pretty powerful :)

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