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We come up with designs and copy that will work for your business. We execute the campaign and consistently feedback tweak and manage to perfection.

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How does Facebook advertising work?

Facebook advertising in it's simplest form allows social media posts to be boosted to gain engagement. Moving through that simplistic model you can elect to route traffic via your website or facebook brand page or to install apps or get more likes to your page and more. It really is a different option to Google Advertising.

Facebook Vs Google

Facebook is interuption advertising. So people are looking through their feed scrolling down and depending on their interests which facebook knows very well they will get served an appropriate ad (now and again). Consider that you go to google and type in an INTENT. You are looking for something. That is googles advantage in that in the search there is the question we get to know directly what the user wants right now. The advantage to facebook is in knowing the user and their behaviours to a degree. For example facebook knows if you click through an ad and buy something. Facebook is generally cheaper for clicks because of the lack of intent but you need to evaluate both platforms against your goals. Facebook is also able to multiply a potential audience with Look Alike Audiences and of course retargeting.

One attractive thing going for facebook is what they know about us. If you are generating leads you might be able to directly gain the information you would otherwise have to get entered from a form (an obvious pain point). Pick from 6 kinds of advert, your product never looked so good and reached the person hopefully likely to buy. Having the ability to take the user on a full page mobile ad story where the user scrolls down is really excitiing for advertising things you would never search for. Some of the formats require videos to be created or at least good images. With google ads you can get going faster with simple text.

You will most likely need some product imagery developing and perhaps content creation creating, especially if you want your Ad to resonate. Facebook Ads rely on imagery heavily and indeed discourage too much text. So attention to the Ad copy also is vital. We can help you here. Developing the idea and assets for your campaign.

Facebook Ad formats to choose from

There are also instagram placements and other 3rd party platforms and in messenger advertising. It gets complicated quickly for the small business owner or even sales and marketing team. Just boosting a post is not the best format for getting traffic. Boosting a post is an ad format for gettting more likes and shares for your post. You may get very few clicks and be dissapointed if you just try boosting a post.

Give Us..

Your Business Plan and Objectives

We need to get under the skin of the business objectives to be able to create the content for your Ads. Understanding your goals is vital for us to fulfill a campaign properly.

We need to understand if you need organic traffic, paid advertising or social media advertising. You might be better using Google Search or Content advertising. We need to look at the profiling for your ideal customer and move forward from them.

Your Budget

We need to have an idea of your budget you can allocate. Producing images and videos along with the wording for your ads needs to be inline with your budget. You may be a smaller company and not require too much work keeping things simple will help a lot. This is an important part of our service. We tailor the traffic to what you need. For example we can halve the cost per click and keep the volume and intent! Thats pretty powerful :)

We can start things off for you and eventually onboard you to manage your own campaigns and ads if you like or enjoy our fully managed facebook advertising service.



In any case we would love to hear from you!

Pinterest is also a service we offer in a similar fashion to facebook sponsored posts.

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