SEO Packages

Affordable quality SEO does exist
  • Starter
  • £600
  • monthly
  • We limit reporting to maximise work done on the site. Includes what you need best for your website to rank fastest. Ask us how many studio hours this provides.

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Onsite SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Contact us
  • Accelerate
  • £1200
  • monthly
  • With weekly reporting and end-of-month reporting. Includes what you need best for your website to rank fastest. Ask us how many studio hours this provides.

  • Weekly Reporting
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Onsite SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Offsite SEO
  • Contact us
  • Enterprise
  • £2000
  • monthly
  • With weekly reporting and end-of-month reporting. Suitable for larger websites needing more time and more technical resourcing. Includes what you need best for your website to rank fastest. Ask us how many studio hours this provides.

  • Weekly Reporting
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Onsite SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Account Manager
  • Offsite SEO
  • Contact us
Ask us to quote you between these options
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Driving You to The Top

Improving your website position (rank or SERP) in Google and other search engines is skilled work that requires editorial knowledge, technical ability, lots of experience, and a network (and more besides). We use white hat SEO techniques with zero risk to your domain. Our SEO services are also about discovering what clients are searching for, KEYWORDS; Yes we research in your industry and open up new marketing verticals. We help you understand and expand your business. This is why SEO is vital to your success. 

SEO Options

If you are self-employed or a partnership you might not have the budget for much SEO work and we understand that you feel the risk of wasting time and money.

You may have the time to do your own DIY SEO- as no one knows your business like you. So book my SEO TRAINING course directly from me on your premises or online. But a caveat that SEO isn't easy so your results will be delayed.


I recommend booking our SEO training course it is the cost-effective way to get ranking and get customers given your situation. We teach you and give you the biggest steps to take after we evaluate your site market and keywords. If you follow those steps you will start to see your website move up the ranks again it will be slower than getting our done for you SEO ranking service.

If you are a small company then you might look at an agency to take on your SEO or try a freelancer. However, a trend to bring this in-house and hire an SEO guy makes sense. For businesses consider taking our SEO course including SEO consultancy for the best long-term solution. Get an understanding in-house of your website and how it ranks. We also teach PPC and Paid Advertising across social media and search engines (digital advertising).

In most cases, a business has a budget but no time, to do the SEO. Simply give us a call or start a chat and we do all the work for you. We don't need to get access to your website's backend to help identify the problem in the short term.

**We will offer you a professional manual SEO audit - so just get in touch while we have this offer running!


Trust; giving your site over to someone isn't easy please see testimonials and reviews and meet us to help you trust us.

Quality; having worked with big global brands in London agencies we know what true quality is. We expect the same from our suppliers and we deliver a quality experience and more importantly, the results you need.

Value; it should not cost the earth to get you ranking in Google. We have taken clients on smaller price plans and ranked them 3rd in 6 weeks from 19th for key search terms.

"Claim your right to a top position in google search results. - Calvin"

Please read on to understand what we will do for you, your website, and ultimately your business.

We work on sites regularly with more than 25k pages! So your site will not be too big even if it has a product catalog of thousands of items.

Don't delay any further, and don't accept a lower rank position, contact us now even if it is to give you a free web health checkup!

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What is involved in doing search engine optimisation?

There are two areas as SEO agents we look at in terms of your website and we call these onsite and offsite. Onsite areas are things that are directly under your control and are on your website. Onsite is more important. Offsite are things we do on other websites to make you rank higher. Everyone will tell you part of the story is getting links to your website. But there is great risk with just going and buying links! Do not do that. I do not buy links (one such risky strategy that doesn't work- unfortunately, people still do not understand the implications in the long term). I run organic link-building campaigns to get natural links the right and safe way.

Make no mistake SEO is a wide subject and you need a professional. The new reality in fact is that as complex as websites are becoming you need to maintain your website constantly. This includes SEO and maintenance. We have such packages that will keep you high and dry, and keep you running smoothly and effectively.

Getting a package that gives!

Ranking- Your site appears high on page 1 and hopefully position 1!

Maintenance- Updated code, if you run a CMS that is something like WordPress or Joomla there are regular updates that MUST be applied. Failure to do so can risk your site getting hacked. The first thing you will notice is a drop in ranking and usually fast.

Conversion- We can also make website suggestions for improvements, allowing us to get to know your website and business we will be able to increase your CTR and other KPI think increased sales if you don't know those acronyms. How your website is failing in the UI and UX departments is a critical part of the work I undertake. You are getting this effectively under the same package.

Increasing your website speed- Delivering your pages fast, especially to mobile is key.

Why rank high?

It sounds like an obvious question and the quick answer is so that you get access to a free digital marketing channel.

It's important to get your website to us to check because you might not have a big job ahead and we can rank you for a small investment in your website.

Claim your right to a top position in Google search results. This 'slot' is called an organic result. Organic results are time and time again showing that they get more clicks than the paid Ads slots at the top and bottom of the Google search page. People know that a paid-for ad is not as good a result as the top organic ones.

Once you rank here at the top you will get the best 'free' traffic to your website that keeps giving back while your business sleeps, so your website doesn't.

Make those searches count with higher conversion rates by evaluating your copy and CTA's.

Quality is the name of the game as people hate to waste time searching. Getting an Ad often leaves the user disappointed as they get redirected to a sales funnel. ORGANIC TRAFFIC ROCKS!

If you need to advertise and you are based in North America I recommend a local Adwords consultant.

Talk to me today with the chat box or send an enquiry now or ask me for a free audit of your website.

If you have bought links in the past I can also help you DETOX your website from them and get your rankings back. Ask us about this detox service.

Operational Areas

I offer SEO services to the following local areas because many people like to hire local agencies which is ethical and allows you to meet up with me.

Lincolnshire SEO, Cambridgeshire SEO, Cambridge SEOPeterborough SEOHuntingdon SEOSt Ives SEO.

Please also note that I do take on work globally due to the nature of the internet I do work globally. If you are happy to not see me personally yet contact me through the Internet then I am very happy to take your project on. I have worked for companies in the Caribbean, Australia and the USA. These have come about because people know me and recommend me and they trust in my ability to get their website ranking.

You can also know that I am there day to day to answer your issues or questions. Service is something I grew up with and value. Part of my ethos is providing good service. If I don't think you can rank for a given set of search keywords then I will tell you outright and why.


Please visit read and maybe rate my work and your results on Google Places and/or Facebook Page.

Calvin is an experienced SEO specialist but also very friendly and approachable. I had a pleasure working with him and his team and I learned a lot from the way he runs SEO campaigns. I definitely recommend his services.

Free SEO Tools

If you are small and have more time than money, then this is a great link for you. A bunch of rated FREE SEO TOOLS to get you started looking at your website. Just remember that these free enticing services come at the cost that they get to advertise and pixel you! That is not so bad happens anyway across the net and IMO is a worthwhile trade-off.