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Free SEO Tools | Reviews and SEO Tips

free seo tools

Free SEO Tools

I'm going to compile a list of free seo tools here for all my readers. You can setup and learn SEO if you want to it will like anything take time. And you can do it with a small outlay but you need to be earning in your day job while you learn and get clients. 

  • Keywords everywhere
  • SEO Minion
  • Keyword Finder
  • UBER SUGGEST! The mighty Neil Patel has very generously bought a going concern in uber suggest. He spent thousands on it and released it for free. It's a great simple to use tool. You don't even need a login! Go check it our now. It is now limited to 3 daily searches and I warn you about heavy popups! Still worth a shot if your short of cash.

  • Link Research Tools has a new chrome extension LINK CHECKER that has some nifty timesavers for those of you interested in links. 
  • Sure Oak Domain Authority checker, and other SEO tools are worth checking out! 
  • Free Keyword Search Volume- Since Ad Words seems to be flaky https://searchvolume.io/ has plugged this essential gap. Free for some time or paid plans for the SEO PROFESSIONAL

  • Microsite masters - A handy way to track free some search phrases that are of interest to you. Allows around 10 free of charge. http://www.micrositemasters.com/

  • Siteliner - Their IN is duplicate content, copyscape needs to catchup as their web 1 interface and lack of ability to beat hand made chunkedcopy is no longer working. Siteliner also do other things well. I am expecting their service to eventually be paid for but for now enjoy. - http://www.siteliner.com/

Paid SEO Tools

Raven Tools

Majestic Seo This is rated as a backlink analysis tool. I used this for a while and found it's interface not so intuitive. If you want an easy to use SEO tool then Moz and Semrush are easiest. Moz seems to be lacking in parts for me but they are keen to get there. Majestic does have a high respect in the SEO industry so take a look.

Moz- A great product that I see of most benefit to less skilled webmasters. You get actual page by page advice which many paid are starting to try and do more of. It lacks in keyword analysis and ranking for immediate checks you might need.

Semrush- A very strong contender for the best SEO tool. Their volume tool was not accurate for keywords, which they have changed n 2018.

Ahrefs- I really like this tool though prefer semrush interface, it's a closely fought battle. If you have the money then use both.

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