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5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


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Today, effective digital marketing techniques quickly evolve, forcing most online companies to either adapt or collapse! Therefore, there's a constant need for you to reassess what works while avoiding certain digital marketing mistakes. 

A report by Statista indicates that 59% of the world's population engages actively on the internet. Thus, brands can't afford to ignore or make digital marketing mistakes if they're keen to make sales and develop awareness effectively. If used properly, digital marketing can lead to a 50% rise in sales. However, not all digital marketing strategies can guarantee your company good returns because of some mistakes you're likely to make.

The following are five key online marketing mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Under Exploiting Keyword Research 

You should make it simple for potential customers to find your brand online. Therefore, you must focus on enhancing your SEO strategies and, if necessary, seek help from reputable SEO service providers. Identifying relevant keywords that are comparatively easy to rank and with high search volume is crucial for your digital marketing strategy.

Once you research and identify the right keywords, you must monitor how each keyword ranks and the traffic you're getting from each. Also, you must find out if the traffic you're getting is converting into leads. Using the right keywords in your marketing campaigns can significantly boost your ranking and brand awareness online. Thus, underutilizing keyword research is a digital marketing mistake you should avoid.

2. Failure to Create a Blog

Not having a blog is a common mistake that online marketers, especially novice ones, make. Publishing useful blog content that is easily accessible can help establish you as a trustworthy industry leader. In addition, each extra blog post you create serves as an indexed page for your business website. The greater the number of indexed pages you have, the higher your website will rank on Google search results.

You shouldn't just develop a blog. It would be best if you made it interactive. Ask your audience questions in your blog's comment section to collect feedback from them. You can also make your blog more valuable by incorporating guest posts or interviews from experts in your industry. Therefore, failure to develop a blog for your brand is a huge mistake that can cost your business in the long term.

3. Ignoring Competitors

You shouldn't entirely forget about your competitors as you focus on your core competencies to gain a competitive advantage. Often, you can learn more by analyzing what your key competitors are doing. For instance, you can visit their social media profiles to see their strategies to market themselves.

You can use your information to conduct a SWOT analysis of your brand and each key competitor. By doing so, you can discover new digital marketing opportunities to adopt. Therefore, ignoring your competitors can prove costly in the long run.

4. Disregarding Social Media Comments from Fans

Often, social media marketing campaigns can be unsuccessful due to a lack of response to comments made by prospects. The contemporary customers anticipate getting personalized and real-time responses to their inquiries while interacting with your brand. Therefore, if your social media presence and response time are demanding, you will likely lose existing and prospective customers. You should develop a robust social media presence to respond to customer inquiries 24/7.

5. Failure to Segment Your Target Audience

Another common digital marketing mistake many marketers make is failing to segment the target audience. Your target audience comprises a diverse population, from youths to the elderly and middle-aged individuals. These categories of people often have diverse needs that differ from each other. Therefore, you must segment your audience to develop marketing campaigns tailored to their needs. Failure to do so is a huge mistake that can be costly to your brand.

In Conclusion

Running an effective digital marketing campaign is not as challenging as it may appear. All you require is to identify the right strategies and avoid these common digital marketing mistakes.
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