The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR came into force the 25th May 2018. It is a wide encompassing and at times complex set of rules that must be taken seriously by all companies no matter of their location if they process or store information on eu subjects. This means even a company in North Korea would be bound by the rules if it processed personal data on eu subjects. 

Your data, privacy and what we do with it

We do not sell or pass on your data to anyone. We do not use your data except to get in touch with you about your interests. You will have given us permission to do this. For example in the live chat which is anonymous we may ask you for your email. We do not store this information after we have used the email in accordance with your wishes. We also use forms on our website to collect your interest in our services. We need to now and again contact you and ask you very clearly with double opt in to stay on the list or not. In the latter case we delete your information from our system.

Contact us to request your private data that we hold.

Data Protection Officer: Calvin Crane 86 Camargue Drive, March Cambs PE159PF

The right to be forgotten. We will keep checking that you will want very clearly to remain on our marketing lists this will be a double opt in as per the compliance rules. Lists are created when you contact us by being interested in our services. If you do not opt in at this time then we will delete you from the system and you are effectively forgotten.

Privacy Policy. We have a proper privacy policy publically available.

Security. We are using secured methods to protect your personal data.