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Advertise with Instagram and Facebook


I thought I would share a few key stats and some intel on our experience with advertising on instagram and facebook. This is real social media marketing, yes there is so called organic social marketing where you push out tweets and posts on your own channel and grow your audience, of course you should be doing that. However you must also realise the power of being able to reach audiences you really want to reach with pure advertising. Making sure that you have great ad copy is essential and better still as you will see video is a key and works best. Video advertising can also be very affordable these days, it makes sense to invest in video.

80% of people follow a business on instagram. 

Over 200 million people look at a business profile every day. 

One in three small businesses say they built their business with Instagram.

In 2018 eMarketeer estimates that instagram ad revenue will be 6.84 billion.


Instagram Ads: The Complete Guide for Marketers

Get more in depth with this excellent article on instagram advertising. With examples of ads and results garnered it is worth the 10 minute read if you want to get more in depth and start to understand more fully the work involved. Then come back and let us take some of the workload for you. We can work with your brand or service and start to get you sales and revenue a real ROI and start to understand your KPI's.

Different Kinds of Instagram Ads

We look at photo ads, carousel ads, video and finally story ads. No matter what advert if you get a click you need to be very certain you have your landing page right and set up for tracking to see where customers bail or convert. We develop landing pages that work for your business, talk to us about designing and implementing a landing page for your key products.

Photo Ads

Photo Ads, quick and cheap but the results didn't compare to more engaging media such as video. You really need great ad copy and an impressive hook such as curiosity, a story or dare I say it clickbait. It seems photo ads exist for instagram and facebook to increase the conversion rate for their own sales IMO. Imagine you are enticed to create an ad, but alas you only have one image...well that is not a barrier to spending advertising revenue!

Creative Instagram Ads 

Although video is perhaps king a fantastic photo on this platform can really perform. If you want some tips on creativity then I suggest you consume this post on how to create CREATIVE instagram ads..

Video Ads

Video Ads may not be as expensive as you think! You may even be able to bring it in house to some degree but getting us to design and create a video ad for you can start from just £200 of course you need to add to that actual cost of advertising spend.

Great Instagram Video Adverts

In this ad we have a very well produced creative going through ages is appealing to many of us and it's an empowering- You have 25,915 days: What will you do with them? 


Carousel Ads are for scrolling through.. 

Stories Ads runs full screen and can tap into your feed of products. Read More on Instagram Stories Ads. The best dimensions are HD video and a potrait aspect ratio of 9:16 so create your videos with square pixels and 1080px by 1920px so that's 1080 across and 1920 down. You can use your own editor like imovie or adobe premiere etc. If you are serious about your brand then you should hire a pro to get the right video created for your business or service.

Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Stories....tell your story to your audience locally. 

Take Away!

We have seen a much lower response and conversion with photo Ads and do not recommend them if you have the budget to go for a video. 

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