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Things you should avoid while promoting your business on Facebook

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Are you a business owner who wants to promote his/her business on Facebook? Are you inquisitive about how Facebook can help you generate better revenue and increase sales? If your answer is yes, then here are the things that you need to absolutely avoid in order to make your promotional endeavours effective. 


There is sure a lot of competition out there, but you need to be consistent in terms of your brand and its message. You should have a defined style and tone of communicating with your audience on Facebook and Instagram and should avoid being inconsistent. All your social media channels need to be in alignment with your brand and they should have the same voice across all platforms. Your audience is bound to associate you with certain traits and feature that set you apart and you must be consistent with delivering that.

Redundant Style

Another thing you need to avoid while promoting your business on Facebook is to only stick to only one type of posts. For example, if images have been working for you then do not just keep posting images. Try and experiment with another type of posts also like facebook videos, links, gifs and the like. While all these styles should follow the same theme, they need to have a variety in them in order to appeal to different types of audiences. Some posts will help you engage your audience while the others will help you get more likes and shares.

Being overly promotional

It is quite obvious that your ultimate goal is to enable sales and lead to conversions. But in order to achieve the same, you do not have to be over promotional. An ideal strategy should be to keep the posts such that the community can relate to your posts. Maybe 20% of your posts can be promotional but not more than that. People are really likely to unfollow your page if they find that you are posting only about your services and products and nothing valuable as such. Hence, keeping the content-neutral, informative and slightly promotional is the key. 

Shying away from Facebook ads 

If you have been shying away from investing in Facebook ads then this is your time to give it a go. Reaping benefits out of Facebook for free will only last for a while and you will ultimately have to run Facebook ads eventually. With so much competition in the industry, running Facebook ads can immensely help you target your audience. Facebook ads come with options of age; location and gender that helps you in focussing on those groups thus helping you generate more sales. Thus, the above-stated practices should be avoided if you wish to successfully market and promote your business. It is better to know the best practices beforehand than to bear the repercussions later on. By keeping these things in mind you can kick-start the promotion of your business on Facebook and take it to greater heights. All the Best!  

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