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gdpr checklist GDPR - Did they think it through?

The GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulations. It is a strict act and lawful across the world. I have recently taken a course on the GDPR to understand the implications for myself and my clients. This is an online guide and an aide memoire. You might find some of the links and information interesting and useful. 

The main areas of GDPR are:
  • The right to be informed- this is going to be annoying as if our inboxes were not busy enough! So companies are now forced to keep contacting you to inform you about your data. This is going to make you wish you were not in fact on the list. So it is tough for email marketing. I am guessing you have remembered how many GDPR emails you have gotten recently!
  • The right of access- you should be able to access your data. Although this will require the website to then hold even more data on you to allow you a secure login,
  • The right to correct errors- Similarly this could involve self correction of simply asking to correct the data.
  • The right to erase data- Simple, the right to not have data held, though if you order something you can imagine that the website needs some data. They have the right to hold the data long enough to process the order then erase the data. This is going to lead to poor customer service in many cases.
  • The right to restrict processing- This is a good one for YOU! No company can process your data beyond the scope of why it was given in the first place.
  • The right take it elsewhere- This one confuses me as to WHY you would want to. It might be cool to swap energy supplier and know your data  was ported across and not simply duplicated I suppose.
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GDPR: What You Need To Know | Hogan Injury

The GDPR is a rule passed by the European Union that standardizes data protection laws across all 28 EU countries. It imposes stricter rules on controlling and processing personally identifiable information (PII) and extends the protection of EU residents' personal data and data protection rights.

The Ultimate GDPR Guide for Marketers and Businesses

With GDPR just around the corner - this exhaustive GDPR guide will answer all your questions when it comes to complying with the new ruling.
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