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Advertise with Instagram and Facebook


I thought I would share a few key stats and some intel on our experience with advertising on instagram and facebook. This is real social media marketing, yes there is so called organic social marketing where you push out tweets and posts on your own channel and grow your audience, of course you should be doing that. However you must also realise the power of being able to reach audiences you really want to reach with pure advertising. Making sure that you have great ad copy is essential and better still as you will see video is a key and works best. Video advertising can also be very affordable these days, it makes sense to invest in video.

80% of people follow a business on instagram. 

Over 200 million people look at a business profile every day. 

One in three small businesses say they built their business with Instagram.

In 2018 eMarketeer estimates that instagram ad revenue will be 6.84 billion.

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