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Content Marketing

Turn Your Coffee Budget Into Clicks

The wider term content marketing is misleading as it can mean so many things you need to clear up the context quickly. For the purposes of what we do at Cambs Digital and this post Content Marketing is referring to advertising creative. Once thought to be the preserve of big brands now the florist around the corner can get a creative marketing campaign for the price of her coffee it seems. Well the Ad says so anyway.

Where this content wins is that it alerts the reader quickly to some information that they would not have known about. PPC might still be a mystery that itself can be enough for them to click through and ask for more..anyway they will not need to know the terminology they will know that for 25 pounds per week they can be getting more customers. 

Clever content marketing.

In this case the advertising will be PPC pay per click marketing. Where you see adverts at the top of google search results a customer clicks and reaches your product or service, you pay for that click based on competition and other factors. Clicks can sometimes be very cheap indeed. It's worth talking to us to find out more and how it is better to engage the services of a professional. Done poorly it can be a very expensive inefficient exercise we say to avoid. 

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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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