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Content fatigue - I felt it myself but this blog post tells it..

Content fatigue - I felt it myself but this blog post tells it..

I'm not talking about mine but this blog post about that sea of bad content we all come face to face with in the industry and that search engines often protect you lot from...

Content overload is something you may have experienced on facebook, that friend we kind of want to stay following but that can't stop posting and I hope that facebook can allow a calmometer so that we see fewer posts from this person...

Already PPJ is prediting that facebook may have topped out (YAY) in terms of teen interest as the drama may have finally gotten to them or they simply got bored.

One of the key takaways for me was that today many more followers socially still means less engagement than before no matter if you have 2 thousand more followers the overload means the click through rate CTR is actually lower. 

It is all food for thought but for sure I and we as an industry want desperately to see an end to the low grade content with links inside that google appears to value (STILL)..or seems to be valuing.

So what's my advice to a SME who wants to get more engagement or more sales - it certainly isnt to go spend on poor article placements with links - really truly place the effort in your business offering. The web is acting like a real high street store and people walk on by many. So offer the right proposition and make your website useful and easy to use. be nice gentile and start a conversation for conversations sake something of an art that has dwindled.

The quality website and business moreover is what will start to rank naturally and of course be free of google algorithm changes that send your website down into 3rd page obscurity.

So if you get that spam email from an seo company offering you a pot of gold and the keys to googles first page you better ask how a company round the other side of the world is going to add real value to your business front end on the web.


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Guest - Emre Can on Monday, 17 September 2018 17:36

Great work bro......its really helping and impacting to society.

Great work bro......its really helping and impacting to society.
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