lead generation uk

Lead generation is the process of harvesting potential customers through SEO PPC or Social Media channels, for a particular business. Customers may be B2B or B2C and they can be product or service related.

At its simplest, a set of online advertisements drives traffic to landing pages. The landing pages serve a simple singular function (if done well).

A more complex approach could involve a telemarketing layer or qualifying leads with forms and data gathering. This allows the leads to be segmented and quality scored.

Lead generation is always highly strategic and difficult for a business to excel in. Having access to volume is also a concern not just quality.

Lead generation is often an afterthought in marketing departments and if done, not done well.

Bespoke lead generation strategies that fit to what you need are available through us.

Some things to be aware of:

  1. Setup- The traffic can be driven from a variety of Paid Advertising options. There are Ads to be created and designed. The copy for them to be written. The quality of the visuals and copy are very important.
  2. Optimise- It is a fine balance between being profitable and unprofitable. Time and data (which costs) are needed.
  3. Collaborate- Having a good frequent connection between the provider and the business is vital to sucess. You need to provision time for a stakeholder to continually communicate.

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