lead generation

Lead generation is the process of harvesting potential customers for a particular business. Customers may be B2B or B2C and they can be product or service related.
At it's simplest you might just need to manage a set of online advertisments and have the clicks directed to your landing pages. A more complex approach can involve a telemarketing layer or qualifying leads with forms and data gathering. 

Lead generation is always highly strategic and difficult for a business to excell in. Having access to volume is also a concern not just quality.

Bespoke strategies that fit to what you need are available trhough us.

Some things to be aware of are that there takes quite a lot of setup and the trafiic will take a while to optimise. So you will need to invest to gather enough data to analyse and put back into the funnel.

A good way to start would be to start with an online ad campaign targetted at your profile leading to a crafted landing page. Be aware that your target will exist at a certain volume only given a budget.

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