Linkedin Advertising Management

We design, build and execute your campaign.

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Linkedin advertising is tricky to get right. You should strongly consider hiring a company to do it for you. We offer the best setup and management fees because we run purposefully lean.

linkedin marketing
linkedin marketing

Reach new b2b markets through Linkedin advertising

LinkedIn has a monopoly on reaching b2b through its targeting features.

Expand your audience

For example, you can target audiences who look like current customers you have. 

Narrow your audience

You can also target C class executives of a particular kind of company who are the decision-makers. Target particular-sized companies. Avoid advertising to the wrong people wasting ad spend.

toyota carousel ads linkedin

A LinkedIn Carousel Ad by Toyota

Our Linkedin Service Fully Managed Vs Consultation

We offer a fully managed service for creating the story or idea that will run for your campaign, we then design the creative to get that message across and get those clicks. We can produce high-quality videos for complex messages and impact.

We also offer a consultation service for those clients who need to get their in-house marketing team up to speed, it is a costly mistake to learn the hard way in terms of both wasted ad spend and time.

We also consult on organic reach within Linkedin however you will not find the penetration nor targeting, you get with an ad. It is still a great idea to get this right as a foundation. We provide graphics and organise your LinkedIn page to convert and generate interest. We will then advise you on your organic efforts.

Our baseline campaign is £695 per month which excludes certain design creatives such as video however images are included and designed. You will also get reporting that you can take away and analyse, we fully use the reporting during the campaign to reallocate spend on those best-performing ads to maximise the investment for you. 

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Linkedin Campaign Pricing

These are a guide price and the tiers represent the size of your campaign. The prices do not include the Ad spend we can estimate the ad spend on application.
  • Basic
  • £495
  • per month
  • A minimum of 2 months no maximum. You should run distinct campaign lengths however. For example run 3 months campaign. 2 Ads can be created per month.
  • Ad Design
  • Ad Creative
  • Campaign Management
  • Reports
  • Image Creation Only
  • £300
  • one off cost
  • Creation of 2 ads (possible carousel formats). A narrative and story or promotion are created. This is not just a logo and slogan! This has no work done in the linkedin website. We only design and create a campaign creative x2 for your needs. Ideal for a non creative small businesses who want to do their own campaign management.
  • Source Files Available
  • Superb Images
  • Story / Narrative Creation
  • Linkedin Company Page
  • £200
  • one off payment
  • We design your linkedin page which can accommodate seasonal messages or offers. Posts will be provided by you.
  • Responsive Design
  • Post Organisation
  • Copy
  • Call To Actions