The term ‘Telemarketing’ makes most people think of cold calling and whilst cold calling does indeed fall under the remit of telemarketing, it is not the only component.

The purpose of most telemarketing campaigns is to create interest in a brand, product or service, generate leads, make appointments and offer customer service.  It can also be used to work in conjunction with more traditional forms of marketing, where a prospect has been mailed an offer, but has not yet responded or finalise bookings for an event.

With many years’ experience in this field, we can offer you a range of services to ensure you get the best out of your telemarketing campaign.  This can be by employing any or several of the following components;

Sourcing quality leads

We can research the right prospects to call within perimeters set by you.  This could be identifying individuals and companies with a turnover and net profit that would place them well for a luxury car product, or companies within a demographic area of your choice that employ less than 20 staff.  It depends entirely on what the call will be for and the desired end result, as to how we go about sourcing the right people.

Calling existing customers

We can work with your existing customer database to ensure they are having their expectations met, identify potential for upselling as required and ensure all current data is correct and up to date.

Cold calling new prospects

We can call new prospects to promote awareness of your brand, product or service and ensure we are speaking to the correctly qualified person.  These calls can be with the objective of ‘closing’ a sale or getting an appointment confirmed, or simply generating some future interest and data capture to be used at another time.

Customer service calls

As with calling existing customers, we can undertake to call your customer base and ask a few pre-agreed questions to ensure you are meeting their expectations.  We can also use this customer care exercise to introduce other products or services that may be relevant, if you require.

Data cleansing

We can work with your list of names, calling each one to confirm they meet your pre-defined requirements.  This includes checking Company details and address (as appropriate), identifying thee correct contact and their job title (as required) and presenting the cleansed data back to you in a ‘ready to go’ state.  This could be for us to then continue the telemarketing process by progressing through to the actual call itself, should you desire.

The Costs

The cost of the telemarketing campaign is based upon an initial set-up fee (this covers campaign research and training, IT set-up, data manipulation and reporting) and a price per completed call, with an agreed maximum number of attempts to get through to the prospect.  This cost per call varies depending on whether it is a cold call to a list that has not be cleansed, through to customer service calls, as well as how many attempts are to be made for each call. 

As a guide, our charges start at £4.50 per completed call, with the set-up fee starting at around £275.00.  Please contact us for a free quotation and discussion about how telemarketing might work for you.