We did a website design update and you will notice the changes from the screen shots presented here.

Despite the site having a large traffic there were not many people posting in the forums.. We have just migrates the site from Joomla 1.5 to 1.7 and this was a significant body of work due to the effort to maintain ranked pages and changes to URL's which can happen without this work. (contact us for your Joomla Migration)

    • Social Interaction (Messaging,Adding friends,Groups,Photos, Videos a subset of facebook functionality)
    • Google Interactive Caribbean Map for each Island (mobile ready)
    • Reviews of Listings This allows people to comment and rate their experiences on a subject related to Caribbean Diving.
    • Public Blog
    • A handy place that allows the site owners to post fast and informative information that is at the same time socially shared via twitter and facebook etc. It is used in this case to show Caribbean holiday deals mostly from other businesses.


It might at first sound like a strange concept to freely advertise the competition but this is a key ingredient of web2. In short it brings authority and traffic and used correctly you can promote your own products more strongly and get the benefit of advertising others. In mexico city this is seen in the real world. If you want to buy shoes there is a part of the city where the competitive shops have built up next to each other, and this is just like a market. At least the shops know they get a chance at selling. We are seeing that intelligent sharing is the key to building an authority site and it helps build trust. You need to dish out information as well as products.
Allow us to share what is possible- you will be surprised and motivated.
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