Do you have a website- is it due maintenance?

If the answer is yes then consider that it is like a garden that needs constant attention. Websites if built with CMS systems using open source (wordpress joomla) constantly need to be updated against the threat of hackers. Beyond the security issues you need to be looking for broken links and checking contact forms work. The search engines are constantly changing the way they work and you need an infrequent site audit for seo.

These are just some of the tasks that you should be looking at consistently.

Not just in Cambridge

We do think its important to meet but we can meet you outside of Cambridge depending. You need to be able to trust us and meeting is a part of that. We can do initial consulattive work and editorial work with limited access but to truly maintain and improve your website we will expect full access. We backup your site too before any updates. You are fully covered and have zero risk.

Look After Your Website

Do not wait for a site breakage or low google rank to get your site checked and fixed. By this time you will need extra care and that's not efficient. It can take longer to rank a website that drops out of google because of many factors for example backlinks will stop working and may get deleted. That's really not good.

Do you allow your car to not have oil?

Do you allow one of the most important parts of your business to go unmanaged?

We offer a service that is technical and editorial we look at your website from a marketing and performance side first.

Speak to us now for an informal chat- improve your website efficiency, user experience (UX) and generally make sure your website stays young.

Allow us to share what is possible- you will be surprised and motivated.
Combine maintenance and marketing for your website so that your products and services get noticed.