Video Editing Services
Video Editing Services

Briefing out what you need quickly will help us determine the level of support you will need for example perhaps you already have some professional footage or an existing video and need editorial changes. You can do a lot with a finished piece and don't always need the source files to re-create a finalised piece of work.

A natural progression was mixing two of my interests videography and aerial systems. So now I have a good experience of getting good aerial footage for your project using 4k capable high-end video cameras.

I have filters that can get the best out of the conditions and natural lighting. There is also the possibility of including underwater shots or shots mounted within your operations such as machine shops etc. showing your customers what you make for example engineering videos.

Let's get our feet back on the ground! Editing videos to create adverts for your Facebook ads is a strength this can be for you too as we have a lot of experience in setting up facebook advertising too!

Editing and Post Production

The need for editing is inevitable and wise - adding narration and copy to the video can help get the message across. Also, interactive videos featuring forms chapters and more are available to really make your video useful.

Video Portfolio

Video Facebook Adverts for Style Review advertising baby blankets. We also built and ran the advertising campaign.

A suite of matching videos for Best Antigua I filmed and edited.

Halcyon Cove Dickenson Bay from calvin on Vimeo.

Filming and production are tailored to your needs and budget albeit local TV advertising and/or destined for the web or mobile. I offer full HD solutions that can be uniquely captured through action cameras or traditional and I can accommodate most if not all your needs in a creative novel way.
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