Digital Marketing Channels

Search (SEO)
Search Engine Optimisation- Getting your website appearing in front of the right people at the right time in terms of search engines such as Google Bing and Duck Duck Go.
Paid Advertising
Paid advertising can take many formats and be on any platform such as Google Linkedin Facebook Twitter and Youtube.
Email marketing within GDPR compliance is an effective strategy to reach existing customers and find new ones too.
Content Marketing
Content marketing is an effective opportunity to win new traffic increase BRAND AWARENESS and generally boost your online presence.
Social Media
Social media comprises an ever increasing in size channel. Fortunately we know how to deal with that. Talk to us about our Social Media Marketing packages today.
Lead generation is one of our most popular services. Can you handle 30, 100, 1000 leads per month?
Rank Website in Google

As a professional web designer of 20 years I have been unknowingly ranking websites before SEO was a thing. I will have an intuitive feel for why your website isn’t ranking but it will need further data analysis.

"there is no comeback with fiverr and you really will get all the care and attention to your baby that $5 can buy!"

Peterborough Digital Marketing and SEO

Why go local? I operate best when I know you and what you need- though I can also do that nationwide. It is often a matter of learning about your business before we can get the right set of keywords. I also more importantly know about the local keywords already. You are not able to do with with a remote firm. You need a British SEO guy who knows the semantics only a native would know. Meet up with me and get the care and attention on your website that I give to all my clients. People value my outside opinion of their business too and how their website can work better. SEO is just a part of it. Calling me and getting a meeting costs you nothing -> 07913329155.

Why Isn’t Your Website Ranking?

You went to the effort of building your own wordpress or even wix website. Or you paid a professional but they have been unable to rank your site.

Here are the most probable causes..

You went to fiver and hired a guy…there is no comeback with fiverr and you really will get all the care and attention to your baby that $5 can buy!

You got links from another source that came to you in the space of a month. Natural links come over time, earn them then you will be sure they are coming at the right speed and they will be more importantly of the right quality. I put in place a plan for future acquisition of links.

Your website reads well from a human perspective but it lacks the structure that a robot can understand. Google is far from perfect even today.
Your website is too heavy and/or broken in some other way.

Of course I don’t just do Peterborough SEO. I work in Cambridgeshire and further afield but sticking to a more locally based area makes sense for everyone. Peterborough is a growing city and your business should be experiencing growth. If not then I can help you analyse why from a digital marketing perspective at least. Are your competitors beating you to your customers?

What I will do for you..

I will fix up your site so that it works for both your audience and also google bing etc..
I will put in place a plan that allows your website to grow in terms of links that are naturally occurring and just. There are no such things as natural links as it always takes a human to create them, but the kind of website that links to you is important and it takes years of knowing the best ones and having already built relationships in place.