We serve SME, self employed and ltd's in the Peterborough area local to us. It is vital that you can chat with your web designer face to face if you are to get the results you need. Let us meet to discuss your website design requirments. For most of you out there you will want a typical functionality for your website. We build websites that have these functions that are the most important aspects of the website.

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What makes for a great website?

Stunning Design- A website that is very attractive and catches the eye gives your readers the first impression that matters.

Message- You are delivering a message, this needs to be quickly conveyed.

Responsive- A website that scales and renders correctly for the device you are viewing it with from mobile phones up to desktops tablets and even TV.

Easy to use- The website should be clear and easy to use.

Be easy to find- For example appear within Google Search. The best website if it is never found is useless. This is where you need a website designed with good SEO baked in. We build all our websites SEO-friendly out of the box.

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There are many more aspects to a great website here are some other things you can have with a website:

Blogging functionality


Shopping Catalog - E Commerce

Calendar functionality for time sensitive information

Contact forms

Animations and slideshows

CMS (Content Managed System) such as wordpress

We build all of these and more it is but a list of things that really enhance a design. The main first list are crucial for your website to be working for you. A good website will be always on working even when you sleep.

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The quality of the web design you are getting is because you have in the founder a longstanding web designer and developer of 18 years who worked on top brands in the city. Now you get his freelance skills at a fraction of the cost.

Some of our web designs

Web Design Prices

These are a guide price and the tiers represent the complexity of your functional needs. In all cases, we will discuss your needs.
  • Monthly
  • £49
  • monthly*
  • This package includes hosting costs and maintenance. Get going and test your business idea out. *minimum 9 months term
  • Silver
  • £400
  • Bringing a backend CMS driven website to you! This could be wordpress or joomla as an example. You also get contact forms and sliders and potentially video.
  • Ecommerce
  • Responsive
  • CMS
  • Contact Form
  • Most Popular
  • Gold
  • £700
  • Our best seller. This CMS based responsive website will be a powerhouse of a platform, fast responsive and look great no matter what device.
  • Ecommerce
  • Responsive
  • CMS
  • Contact Form
  • Larger Sites SME Business Websites
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolio
  • Platinum
  • £ +
  • We can deliver you a bespoke website no matter how large and on any platform AWS VPN Shared etc.. You get all options in this fully functional website such as video backgrounds, shopping cart, sliders, timers calendars etc
  • Fully Customisable
  • Web Apps
  • Fully Functional
You will still need to budget for hosting and maintenance (Silver Gold and Platinum). A WordPress site or other open-source application will require code updates. This is important for security.