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Cambridgeshire Webdesign and Internet Marketing

I thought I would get the blog started off with a posting promoting what I (we) do (I will edit this to come up with an ever improving mission statement) :
Design and build and potentially manage your multimedia solutions. Using 15 years of high level multimedia and web design and development experience in finding the best solution for your requirements.

We offer expert consultancy and or the actual doing in the following areas:

  1. Web building and Hosting
    The most basic of building blocks for your on-line presence. Websites that also work on mobile devices, if you do need mobile apps such as iphone or android then we are happy to assist in building you a spec with your marketing team that will be technologically viable before a line of code is written. Check out our most basic plans from £200*
  2. Social media marketing (planning) SMM
    You should be doing some of this internally already and we will check that you have the major social bases covered; Facebook Twitter Stumbleupon etc.
  3. SEO Search Engine Optimisation Cambridgeshire
    You need to be found on-line for key words that you may never realise your customers use, we can show you where you are perhaps failing or could improve increase your keyword market share. You may be spending too much on Pay Per Click advertising or we can start to migrate you across slowly to a more organic program that will cost you a fraction and increase traffic.

    * Not Including  VAT. Our basic website consists of a design and limited content working from set templates we will integrate fully your branding and so in fact your site will look like it cost thousands. This does not include registering a domain name nor hosting. These are extra and can be as cheap as £20 per year.

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