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I do custom logo design if thats what you are in need of then give me a call or tweet me @cambsdigital anytime.

Best Antigua

This website is is portal and offers information on resorts beaches and tours and the like. It had to evoke a tropical paradise and green was the colour because Antigua is a rich and lush country.

Here is an example I did for a square logo used across various social platforms maxing out at 250px which is what is not going to get exceeded. It will get saved out at differing sizes like here. The website is for Best Antigua which is doing very well in the search engines currently as a blog site.

250 x 250

BA Square 250 px x 250px

64 x 64


32 x 32


and finally a .ico sized one at 16 x16 this is used for favicon where it can be seen in the address bars of some browsers and for an icon associated with favourites.


You really don't need more than these for the icons normally however we did a custom sized image to allow websites to show they were recommended by the brand such as like foursquare and tripadvisor. This was done at 126 x 20 pixels.


This is going to be the company brand colours going forwards and suggests the lushness of Antigua which is very descriptive.

 Cambridgeshire Canine Creche

With a given color palete by the client nikki we had a fun time knowing very early on the iconic paw print would work so well.

Style Review

An online magazine needed a simple but imapcting design that had multiuse.

Caribbean Diving

This is a square version for social media use you already know the brand name so you don't need to ruin the clean circle wth excessive text. With Social Media you already know this is Caribbean Diving.

World Fishing Adventures

We chose an iconic fish for the design and the colours are brilliant as in the Mahi Mahi.

Nasa Taxis

The classic yellow chequered design and new york influence for the rhomboid shape italic suggests fast though that is not always a good word to use with taxis! Suggesting is enough. This works well as it has transparent areas and gives the logo depth and the company at the same time by association.


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3035 Hits

Using Sencha Touch and regular JavaScript Together

Sencha Touch provides a reasonable framework to deploy your browser based app - unfortunately it is let down by a poor build script (at least if your using windows) that didnt seem to work well as of 2 months ago. However constructing your app can be made easy if you are happy to go along with their lists and components as is. The trouble starts if you want to do anything custom - while you can break away into pure javascript of course as its all written in javascript (the structure is constructed in JSON format) the problem is getting for example lists to load from anything other than a JSON response. Xml needed to be iterated over myself. Anyway I wanted to drop the link which should fit a lot of phones - so go ahead and take a look at the web app chart which was entirely custom NOT using the ST charts ! 

Please note the following sencha touch app shown is less than optimised (Until I can get some time and dig out my old windows machine) so may take more to download than we would expect from a fully optimised mobile web app.

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7208 Hits