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Product Managers and UX Architect Crossover

What is a Product Manager ?

A Product Manager (PM) has to have an all round entrepreneurial skill set. The PM will be expected to deliver according to a broader concept. As an example an App would start out with a clear interface to solve the idea of course but the development and roadmap are developed after. There are clear examples of good ideas getting to market first that did not succeed instead a better UX and Marketing won consider My Space Vs Facebook. The expectations of the user are severe and poor UX is not an option if you want the product to succeed. Having good ideas after the initial idea is not elementary and it amazes me how little value is placed in the recruitment process in an individual that is an idea generator or inventor.

UX Architecture will take results from this data to improve ROI and Conversion. For example analytics will tell you that while for every 100 web visitors who arrive on your checkout page just 3 convert - you might be interested in developing this page to make it easier to convert. Or you have a drop off when you force people to register on your website to buy something. Strategy might need to be thought through here if there is no good reason for registering a user. Why should your customers register on your website to buy a product ? 

Of course part of the skill is in finding these TRENDS.

Data driven content marketing what is it ? 

One great ocean of data is available to your business now that web2 has landed for a few years and this has been returning all manner of feedback. Check the webinar link below if you want to explore some of the more common which include Email Marketing and Web analytics.
The Library in Boxworth Cambridgeshire
Creating Your Own Node Modules


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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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