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A is for ACL : What does ACL mean ?

Within the contexts of the loose web ACL stands for Access Control Lists. 

Laymans Terms: You know like in facebook when you are logged in you can add things about yourself- well it knows how to store your photos as being yours due to ACL. It restricts your items to your groups you set, you set ACL for yourself.

More Technical: Consider that as a user of a website you may be using the site in different ways. Staff of a web company need to be logged in and verified against ACL's to allow them a set of privileges that customers might not have. For example Staff need to update price lists and customers certainly should not be able to do that.
if you are designing a website and need this kind of control consider very strongly employing the use of pre-written frameworks or CMS. This is not a light an easy subject to just enable on a basic website. The basic site we offer does come with built in ACL to unlimited customisable levels. 

Groups  Unlimited user-defined Groups
Users & Groups  A User can be assigned to multiple groups
Access Levels Unlimited user-defined Access Levels
Access Levels & Groups Groups are assigned to Access Levels. Any combination of Groups can be assigned to any Access Level.
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