Digital Marketing Channels

Search (SEO)
Search Engine Optimisation- Getting your website appearing in front of the right people at the right time in terms of search engines such as Google Bing and Duck Duck Go.
Paid Advertising
Paid advertising can take many formats and be on any platform such as Google Linkedin Facebook Twitter and Youtube.
Email marketing within GDPR compliance is an effective strategy to reach existing customers and find new ones too.
Content Marketing
Content marketing is an effective opportunity to win new traffic increase BRAND AWARENESS and generally boost your online presence.
Social Media
Social media comprises an ever increasing in size channel. Fortunately we know how to deal with that. Talk to us about our Social Media Marketing packages today.
Lead generation is one of our most popular services. Can you handle 30, 100, 1000 leads per month?

This is a quick guide to modern digital marketing methods.

If you run or manage a business (online or not) you operate within a market. Getting yourself maximum exposure to your target market is the challenge. This was true before the internet came along. The internet is not new but the way your customers find you is the majority of them now use the internet and a mobile device to search for services. This is a quick guide to break up the channels that exist within digital marketing. We can consult with you to determine what channels suit your business the best.

At we have a sustainable value for money price point that is attractive for small and medium sized businesses. We give you great online visibility through online search, advertising and other touch-points such as within social discussions.

  • Fire up your SEO to get value traffic that gives the most over and over 24/7 FOR FREE!
  • Advertise online through google to maximise your exposure- make sure you have your conversion landing page right before you do this one!
  • Advertise through facebook to get instant warm leads that require no converson on your part.
  • Create email and telephone lists and remarket. 
  • Tune your social activity (SMM) to an optimum level.

These are just a few key channels. Read on for more detail and more digital marketing channels.

Organic Search or SEO

Organic search (natural Google search results (not the ‘Ad’ results at very top and bottom of the page)) is the natural non paid for advertising that is the holly grail. We can help you achieve the best scenario for this FREE TRAFFIC.  Do spend some money on SEO it keeps repaying you vs the Social Media Tap that stops giving the minute you stop investing. There is also a secondary benefit that is with google advertising when you have a well optimised and functioning website. 

Paid Search or PPC

If Social Media is a tap, that is also true of PPC or pay per click (‘Ad’ placements in Google results- aka Google Adwords). Depending on your business this might be a good idea in some circumstances. However you need to be careful that you don’t build a dependency on them. They can be useful for new businesses to get to market fast. Make sure you do this alongside SEO and offsite SEO. PPC is cheaper with good SEO so you outrank your competitors and may pay less per click! It makes sense to use the same company for SEO and PPC.

Pay Per Click advertising is really critical on setup so that you don’t pay for clicks that you will never convert. Using negative keywords is the classic example. Using negative words and geographic targeting is just the start. Again the tap is only good while your balance is not zero. It also doesn’t go towards constructing anything (It doesn’t help your natural organic position). If you don’t convert from the clicks it’s wasted money. So also make sure you consult with us on the best format to convert. Very careful AB testing and feedback is critical. Tracking and evaluation should form a continuous loop to maximise the results/budget ratio.

Email Marketing

Email harvesting is important and the follow up, start capturing emails for future customers on your website. It helps keep a line to your potentials when they access you across a variety of touch points. The conversion rates for email lists are low. This is due to email's inherent problems with spam and the sheer volume of emails we all get.

SMS Marketing

SMS converts much better than email so start obtaining your customers mobile numbers too (HINT: FACEBOOK ADVERTISING). Find a plan and message format through AB testing that works best.

Content Marketing 

A common theme that does have basis in improving search results is content marketing. This consists of articles or white papers pdf’s etc that exist online in some location mostly other than your own site or blog. Blogging is a kind of content marketing too. The articles are or should be about some aspect of the business and link to your website or deeper. It is time consuming to get decent articles written and might be best to write from internal resources. It can be hard to find good neighbourhoods (websites) to host your content it’s time consuming. This is why business often choose to collaborate with an agency to get the hard part done regardless of who creates the articles.

Social Media Marketing SMM

Social Media Marketing– Often this is something you might consider to keep in house but take an initial guide to work out how often and how to post socially. Make sure you keep it to your business theme and engage with care. Consult with us for good practise given your kind of business.

Traditional Marketing

If you are an actual traditional marketing company with a focus on Cambridge then call us to advertise here. After all people are looking for your services here too. From leaflet drops and newspaper advertising traditional marketing is of interest to readers here. For our readers needing this service we don’t directly offer that. Please see the recommended resources below.

Market both vertically and horizontally but be effective online and be especially mobile.

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