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3 marketing strategies to increase sales

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If you have a company, in any field, you will be interested in knowing what the best marketing strategies are to increase visits to your website, and thus, sales. Before explaining the three strategies that we consider essential for your company, it is important to know what the data reflects. Therefore, the first thing you should do is use different tools that will let you measure the data that your website has generated up until now. Some of those tools are: MOZ, SimilarWeb or Google Analytics.

What is this for? The data gathered with these tools is key. It will inform you from where you are receiving the visits to your website (social networks, direct search, referrals, etc), it will indicate what is your target audience and its country of origin, and even the time that each person spends visiting your site and how many pages they read through. 

Thanks to all this information, it is possible to obtain an idea about what would be the most effective strategy in each situation, because every company is different and, therefore, every strategy should be adapted. But undoubtedly, there are three that are suitable for any type of business.

  1. Social Media
    Social Networks are widely used, and people are increasing the time that they spend utilising them. Because of this, the fact of using the different platforms to advertise your business may be an interesting strategy. But it is important that the publications you make with the different accounts of your social media platforms have to be optimized. What does this mean? You must create different content for your publications, adapting it to the different events (latest news, the time of year in which you are, etc.) to promote your products or services. In addition, inserting backlinks to your web will achieve that more people visit your website and know about you.

    On the other hand, you should keep in mind that exist some hours of the day when users spend more time using each Social Network, so it is better to publish in those periods of time adding hashtags as keywords to get more engagement.

    When is it a good time to post for Social Media?
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  2. Email Marketing
    This strategy can make you win many visits, but it should be used carefully because a wrong application of it could generate a negative view of the company. So, the Newsletters are highly recommended because the consumer is who decides if he wants to join them or not, therefore, those who subscribe will be potential customers. In addition, thanks to this strategy, they will know about your news and will see the name of your brand more often, making it more memorable.

  3. SEO for content
    This strategy is closely linked to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means that the content created to promote your brand must adhere to certain aspects that help it to get a good position in search engines. Remember that the websites that appear at the top of a search get more visits.
    To carry out this strategy you can use different options, depending on your business. These can be: make guest blogging including backlinks and keywords, create press releases or articles to share through different websites, write in forums, etc.
    In addition, starting to run a blog on your own site will increase your positioning if the written content has quality and meets the SEO requirements (a suitable number of words, structure, etc.).

As you can see, any of the three strategies can achieve to increase the traffic of your website and receive more visits. The more visits you receive, the more potential customers you will have. But, you also should consider hiring an SEO agency to guide you on this field, as it will help you to carry out these three strategies and will offer you more options to improve the visibility of your company and increase web traffic and sales.

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