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How to avoid getting caught in a fishing or phishing trap

This is a copy of the email as sent to me from 'Microsoft Account Team' however it isn't though it's a lie.
Its quite a good scam as they are praying on your being worried so there is an element of making you feel like you must take action and click the button.

In this case and in ANY email never click any links. That is the golden rule. So instead look at the email and asses where it is coming from. Then go direct to the website it is talking about (or just ignore it) if they have guessed a microsoft account or ebay or paypal account for example. Let's face it a lot of us have these.
In this case if you hover over the button you see that in this case it goes to somewhere clearly not anything to do with microsoft...

The following is an image showing where the button actaully goes and as you can see it isn't to a proper site.


So remember the golden rule  - never click links from emails and you go a long way to securing yourself from internet fraud.


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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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