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How to make better aerial movies..

​I was editing some aerial video and had an annoying piece of extraneous 'drone legs' and in this case the solution is to crop it out. Don't forget to resize your final movie as you need it as of course the crop will change what you start with slightly. At 4k you shouldn't loose quality but it may well increase rendering time. As I was writing this I though I would extend the article to tell you a decent beginner strategy for editing your videos for good viewing.
Also you want to do a pre render any crops as you don't want to crop the whole movie just the segment you are interested in. So for the plan start cutting out the interesting parts of your flight. If you resize the cropped segment to the same as the overall destination size this will be for the best.
Here is an example of cropping the segment.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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