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What Have I Been Doing ?

I have been busy building up quality content and building relationships for tours and car rental for http://bestantigua.com which now has its own website and we run that alongside the blog http://bestantigua.wordpress.com

Part of the development work is a web / mobile app for booking cars in Antigua. You can have a play here http://bestantigua.com/app/app.html#/cars

I am now shifting focus onto REACT from the facebook developers and Angular 2. The preference is perhaps for Angular 2 not because I know Angular 1 but because I like frameworks and the support for applications that brings.
Both are compiling less than familiar 'JS' into .js. es6 does bring less familiar js anyway and browser support is less than clear and so this step may be a necessary evil anyway.

Angular 2 uses TypeScript which seems to be transpiling very basic typescript to javascript in 4s from my terminal using 


that's not that fast unfortunately thats every edit !

I am finding REACT has a steeper curve in that it is a library and requires auxiliary libs and compilers like Babel which understands JSX thats the key component language. But interestingly they both use a mock DOM concept and update the real DOM only when necessary for performance.

This is a key to fast js apps. If you must do a slow thing (update the real DOM) then do it ONCE only.


React and Flux Sending State to Children Component...
How to make better aerial movies..


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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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