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U is for User Experience or User Interaction : UX, UI

This is a future glimpse at UX but in today's market we have to deal with quite remarkable advances in UI such as accelerometers in the iPhone or the pinch zoom which apple's competitors were slow to replicate. Indeed it is my belief that UX is what made Apple products better than the rest.

Graphic designers could understand the Operating Systems as there were pretty icons to click and it made that Monday morning start a real joy ! The mobile phone of today force us to look at UI and UX with respect to us not having access to a keyboard and this alone has highlighted the importance even when we are faced with a regular website and a keyboard.

Principles of UX and UI will be addressed as part of an article I am going to make as yet another WIP as this is just the Glossary entry. For now the priciples are very short and sweet, I figure UI to be a subset of UX.

Principles of User Experience  UX

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Anticipate user movement
  3. Test
  4. Feedback


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