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Reviewing Hapyak Interactive Video

You can get a free account as of today that allows you to play with hapyak. Which is what I did for 30 minutes on a video I had already created ALL BY MYSELF ! 

OK back up I'm interested in Hapyak ! So what is it quickly and what does it do well - thats pretty much what I am after and give it to me in the next para...

Hapyak allows you to take a video from MOST of the video platforms like youtube dailmotion flowplayer etc and add interactivity over the top. It does quizzes especially well and allows annotated links and hotspots - images and a wee bit more. Oh I forgot the table of contents that is really lacking in the youtube space ! You can customise stuff to the point where you use your own css so anything should be possible style wise.

Here is what I came up with - I guess that I could hide the youtube logo using this method. Hapyak offer the opportunity to embed the video using an iframe ..

It allows a very basic level of analytics (but its reports are beyond youtubes) if you ask me and I don't think you should use this tool for that reason. But being able to see what chapter is the most viewed and important is good.
You can also use javascript to load the hapyak api so get all the interaction but still use just the youtube player. That might be interesting.

For my interests I was hoping to find a platform that offers the transcoding that you get with these platforms such as youtube, but I wanted to to not use youtube. There are a few reasons the main one being you loose a lot of potential for selling the service as the end user knows that you are using youtube - and so what are you offering...well I wanted to be able to show 4k video but realistically cameras have gotten ahead of the display technology and our eyes for that matter.

N is for Node - some thoughts.
Thomas Cook Germany

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Wednesday, 17 July 2024

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