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Fenland for Business Network Meeting

Fenland For Business

I had intended to just visit the Fenland for Business meeting this morning for half the duration but ended up staying and calling off my 12 O'Clock appointment. The reasons for this were:

a) I found myself with a decent opportunity to market my own marketing which I thought was not probable before the meeting.

b) I found the sector surprisingly interesting, I suppose being based in the fens and born with mud in my ear helped with the theme of Support for agriculture, food production and rural organisations.

c) It's not everyday you get to speak to the Mayor of Cambridgeshire James Palmer he had a lot of interesting things to say not least a north M11 project linking the fens better. I also learned that we create 5 billion per year for the nation when Manchester loose the nation 5 billion!

I would like to see better scheduling of trains to March myself which would enable the commute to London for many. Waiting 40 minutes on the platform at Peterborough for your train to March is no fun after a long day. I digress.

I met an old friend from the isle college wisbech which helped me break the ice. It can be hard to go to these events and start talking. DO IT! I am very happy to shout out his business which I will place a link to in due course in the Cambridgeshire Startups section.

Networking Events Cambridgeshire

​We all need more or better marketing that is sure and I thoroughly recommend going to these networking events that are usually free. I would recommend also stepping away from or at least including going to events that may not be exactly themed to your business as you will find that there are always interesting talks and you get new ideas that lead to creative sparks. 

Try to be casual and DO make the effort to meet and chat to people as soon as you get there. Take business cards (today I failed on that and one reason) I almost didn't go but I will be sending this link to each and every person I met with and got their details- if I didn't email you then please get in touch) 

There is no point in failing to execute the plan at the last most important hurdle. You MUST NETWORK. I worked the room enough with the people that I thought would be interested in a 2 way chat. Make it a chat don't start telling people your product. It will come out in the end but make sure you do tell them if it feels right. Make no mistake they might all come to seemingly nothing but have faith in the butterfly effect and the secret.

I also learned of the frustrations others find in a lack of engagement and why that could be was discussed. I have my ideas on that one and anyone can engage me to troubleshoot that as a marketing consultant cambridgeshire. I cover traditional marketing but also look at more modern digital marketing I wrote on linkedin.com about the subject.

Other Mentions

Martin Lutman

Eastern Agri Tech Growth Initiative http://www.gcgp.co.uk

Kathryn Pollington 

Economic Development Officer
Fenland District Council

Gary Garford

Corporate Director
Fenland District Council

​Thank you for the use of the image and for providing the venue and networking event.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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